Wind Turbine Inspection

The Inspection Process

The intricacies of wind turbines and wind mill blades make it difficult to survey and track efficiencies. AES bridges this gap as the first and only sUAS wind turbine inspection company in The Midwest. Our advanced software takes the guesswork and assumptions out of the picture, ensuring that turbines can run at maximum efficiency and minimum downtime for years to come.

Benefits of sUAS Inspection


Using autonomous flight technology and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence software, AES is able to measure the efficiency of wind turbines in the matter of minutes.

More Reliable

Our software allows wind turbine data points to be measured in real time, constantly measuring results to industry averages and other previous measurements.


High-quality camera technology allows the AES team to replicate what our drones see in the air, allowing turbine operators to fully understand how their turbines are running.

Cost Effective

Shortened surveillance times and consistently reliable results ensure that our surveillance methods are routinely cheaper than traditional methods.

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