Solar Farm Inspection

Solar Farm Inspection Process

Inspecting solar fields by hand can be tedious and error prone. With the advanced drone technology partnered with expert pilots, AES is able to cut this inspection time down drastically while detecting 100% of anomalies. All anomalies are then documented with a hyper-specific GPS reference point that is flagged for technicians to review and repair in real time.

Benefits of sUAS Inspection



Using autonomous flight technology and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence software, AES is able to identify anomalies across entire solar farms in the matter of minutes.

More Reliable

Our software allows solar farm data points to be measured in real time, constantly measuring results to industry averages and other previous measurements.


High-quality camera technology allows the AES team to replicate what our drones see in the air, allowing solar farmers to fully understand how their panels are operating.

Cost Effective

Shortened surveillance times and consistently reliable results ensure that our surveillance methods are routinely cheaper than traditional methods.

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