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One of the best examples to illustrate a successful AES plan in agriculture is plant health monitoring. The health of a farmer’s crops is of critical importance to achieving the highest yields. There exists a wide range of circumstances that can adversely affect crop yield. Crops are susceptible to pathogens, fungus, and insects. Improper levels of carbon and nitrates in the soil also impact a plant’s productivity. Even a lack of proper water levels can cause an otherwise fertile field to produce lackluster results. Traditionally, farmers monitored all these conditions through visual observations and soil analysis. Visual inspections are very time consuming, and they depend on the observer’s skills at detecting the signs of potential problems. This method is extraordinarily inefficient for large-scale farming operations. Soil analysis can take even more time than visual inspections. Trained professionals must take samples, which are often analyzed in a laboratory. Inevitably, the time required by this process creates a lag in data. Thus, there is no real-time information available to the farmer as it pertains to the crops on a given day.

AES use of sUAS can perform all the above tasks in real-time, utilizing a combination of RBG camerasthermal imaging, and multi-spectral imaging. With the proper equipment, a drone operator can fly over a field and present the farmer with a full report covering everything from plant count to health conditions. At AES we provide real-time and accurate data that farmers can act on immediately. AES wants to help you in the beginning of revolutionizing precision agriculture as we know it.

Soil and Field Analysis

AES technology can be instrumental at the start of the crop cycle. We produce precise 3-D maps for early soil analysis, useful in planning seed planting patterns. After planting, drone-driven soil analysis provides data for irrigation and nitrogen-level management.


At AES, our drones have hyper-spectral, multispectral, or thermal sensors can identify which parts of a field are dry or need improvements. Additionally, once the crop is growing, drones allow the calculation of the vegetation index, which describes the relative density and health of the crop, and show the heat signature, the amount of energy or heat the crop emits.

Crop Monitoring

Vast fields and low efficiency in crop monitoring together create farming’s largest obstacle. Monitoring challenges are exacerbated by increasingly unpredictable weather conditions, which drive risk and field maintenance costs. Previously, satellite imagery offered the most advanced form of monitoring. But there were drawbacks. Images had to be ordered in advance, could be taken only once a day, and were imprecise. Further, services were extremely costly and the images’ quality typically suffered on certain days. Today at AES time-series animations can show the precise development of a crop and reveal production inefficiencies, enabling better crop management.

Health Assessment

It’s essential to assess crop health and spot bacterial or fungal infections on trees. By scanning a crop using both visible and near-infrared light, drone-carried devices can identify which plants reflect different amounts of green light and NIR light. This information can produce multispectral images that track changes in plants and indicate their health. A speedy response can save an entire orchard. In addition, as soon as a sickness is discovered, farmers can apply and monitor remedies more precisely. These two possibilities increase a plant’s ability to overcome disease. And in the case of crop failure, the farmer will be able to document losses more efficiently for insurance claims.

Cattle/Property Fence Line:

We can inspect every foot of fencing you have  to assure your livestock will stay exactly where you want. Many times there are miles of fence and we can assess it in a fraction of the time allowing farmers and farm hands to stay productive.

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