Power Line Inspection

Power Line Inspection Process

Power lines are often not routinely checked if they remain operational, typically due to the inability to conduct regular, routine inspections caused by lack of accessibility. AES's drone technology not only allows real time visibility into hotspots and physical conditions, but allows the owner to stay up to date on what conditions may warrant repair to maintain peak efficiency and general functionality.

Benefits of sUAS Inspection


Using autonomous flight technology and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence software, AES is able to measure the functionality of power lines in the matter of minutes.

More Reliable

Our software allows power line data points to be measured in real time, constantly measuring results to industry averages and other previous measurements.

More Thorough

High-quality camera technology allows the AES team to replicate what our drones see in the air, allowing line operators to fully understand how their power is being distributed.

Cost Effective

Shortened surveillance times and consistently reliable results ensure that our surveillance methods are routinely cheaper than traditional methods.

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