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Industrial / Enterprise

AES provides comprehensive industrial/enterprise services, utilizing advanced drone technology for roof inspections, transmission and data line inspections, project progression mapping, telecommunication tower inspections, and cutting-edge search and rescue operations.

Agriculture / Farm

AES is in the solution business, and this is the best agriculture solution yet! We provide crop health monitoring, livestock fencing inspection, livestock counting, construction site progress tracking, thermal roof inspections, and telecom tower inspections using advanced drone technology, helping farmers, construction companies, and building owners optimize their operations and make informed decisions.

Renewable Energy

Aerial Elite Solutions offers renewable energy inspection as a service, utilizing AI and drone technology to provide efficient inspections of PV array systems, wind turbines, power poles/lines, and vegetation management, saving time and costs while ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Real Estate / Advertisement

In the realm of real estate and advertisement, Aerial Elite Solutions offers a wide range of services including aerial photos, videos, FPV tours, and insurance claim support, utilizing advanced drone technology to provide captivating visuals and efficient support for property marketing and insurance processes.
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Aerial Specialty Services

Aerial Elite Solutions provides a range of specialized aerial services, including golf ball drops, aerial event live streaming, aerial banner display, as well as customized services tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of clients for their events and promotional activities.
Aerial Elite Solutions

Proudly Serving The Midwest

AES teams up with some of brightest minds in the world assisting in precise data analysis and reporting in a way that is fast, reliable and easy to monitor for long term asset health tracking . We aim to create long lasting relationships in the Building, Telecommunication and renewable energy industry.

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